Hello! You’ve reached the Anime Relief Offices Helpline.

Anime Relief Offices is the longest-running anime club in San Bernardino. Our name is a tribute to Oh My Goddess! and this website is here to help you learn more about our club.

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  1. Hello,

    I haven’t been to a meeting in years. Does your group still hold meetings to watch anime? I would like to attend again but your website seems a bit confusing to me. I’m very much still interested in attending because of what your group used to do, I would like to attend meetings again. Please reach back at your earliest convineince.


    Jorge Torres.
    A former attendee

    1. Yes, we still meet, usually on the last Saturday of the month, but we’re dark in July, November, and December. We had to move our August 2019 meeting to Saturday, August 17 because of a special event at the library, but you are welcome to attend any time!

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