Re-Introducing the Semi-Regular Blog

I thought about calling this Presidential Ramblings, but I was afraid it would bring to mind State of the Union addresses instead of contemplations on all things Japanese and not Japanese.

Actually, First-Class, Unlimited Musings is a direct homage to the classic manga and anime series Oh My Goddess! that also inspired our club’s name. The title reflects my hope that my musings will be, if not first class, at least not totally lame. And, of course, there is the unlimited number of topics I can, and probably will, cover. From basic anime reviews and club news to academic discussions of manga archetypes and Japanese culture, except anything and everything from me.

First-Class, Unlimited Musings is mainly a feature for the club website (what you’re looking at right now). Expect me to blog at least once a month or more often if I have a lot to say.  If you want to read them all, you’ll have to visit this website regularly. And, yes, that was a blatant plug.

I hope First-Class, Unlimited Musings will get not just Anime Relief Offices club members to think, react, and comment. I also hope it will attract people from across the Inland Empire and the world to get involved and make our club’s virtual community a more interactive and exciting place to be.

Feel free to suggest some future topics. I don’t promise to listen, but if you inspire me, I just might take up the challenge. And, remember, these are First-Class, Unlimited Musings, so I promise no lies and, though I can’t grant your heart’s desire, I will generally keep things clean and polite.

If you have no idea what that last paragraph means, you need to read Oh My Goddess!